EA's formula

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Hey guys. I think I figured it out. Pay attention because this is important. EA's hidden - money making formula. Will I be banned or penalized for writing this? Let's find out.

1) release a great game pre-patch , without lag, without unfair advantages. Random pack luck. Balanced game play. The better team has the advantage. Game feels fair. People buy the game and packs because this year is different

2)Start to downgrade servers (cause save money right ?) green connection means lag anyways. Also, start closing the gap of skill and teams with in game sliders so that the game remains appealing. Game play is random number generated, almost taking no skill or player overall chem into account. Make everyone blame their team and become addicted to packs. Informs are better than any base card. Also decrease the amount of currency with pack offers and bad pack luck. This is to hide the fact that players in game do not matter

3)milk the rest of the game. Totw are epic for pack sales and micro transactions. Gameplay hooks you with 1/4 being playable and fair. Sit back and watch stocks rise.

Tell me where I'm wrong?
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