Sbc 90 overmars

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Any1 using him and what do you think ? I have neymar but hes not cutting it for me at LF so looking at doing the sbc for around 300k


  • I have him and rate him but others will tell you not to sink coins into an sbc you won't get back. The fact he can play in any team full chem, 5 star wf, and it's a fraction of the cost of the tradable makes it a win for me tbh
  • HektorOvTroy
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    I play him. He's very good.

    the SBC cost more than 300 for me. More like 400. Depends if you have cards in hand. I had (even up to the morning i did it) sold everything!
  • Shake88
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    Thanks. Yh i have over 1000 players in the club and most of the players for the easy ones ive worked it out to around 300k if i do it so id have 300k spare and overmars for neymar. Im not to fussed about sinking coins in a formation im allways gunna use and fits in any team there
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