Squad Battles - When is something going to be done against the cheaters? (PC)

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Hey everyone, i've copied this thread from the PC section of these forums to have more attention on this. Mainly because i know there's actual EA employees looking in here, and also because i happen to know that some of these cheaters also roam the PC part of the forum.

Please help me make this noticed, i'd like the game to actually be enjoyable for us on the PC as well. And please keep your "Lol PC" out - This isn't a PC vs Consoles thread, this is a we all want to enjoy the game thread.


Original Thread

Seriously, this is out of hand.

If we compare Xbox, PS4 and PC - With the points i get on PC, i would make it into top 50-10 easily on consoles, meanwhile on PC i can hardly even make it into top 100.

How much more obvious does it need to be? There's freaking professionals playing Squad Battles on consoles, and they're not even close to the points of the cheaters we have to deal with here.

And if my words isn't enough, let these pictures speak for themselves.



Xbox One


And here we go... PC



  • mindm4ster
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    ea is banning them right before rewards to my knowledge
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    I'm aware there's cheaters on pc always has been and always will be but these pics don't prove anything they are all pretty similar give or take a few hundred points either way and there's alot less players on pc and from what I've been led to believe alot less bad players as a result of the smaller player base so this is to be expected tbh.

    Not saying people in the top 100 haven't cheated but that picture definitely doesn't suggest there's cheaters.
  • NickoSkyhoej
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    I can't see how it doesn't suggest that there's cheaters.

    I know that there's professionals who play Squad Battles on consoles, so they wouldn't be in top 10 with 3200 points?

    I cannot accept the fact that apparently the top 50 players on PC are the best players in the world, it doesn't make sense.

    And as a bonus information, the majority of those top players are established in 2017 (If not all). Coincidence.
  • NickoSkyhoej
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    Bump for notice.
  • CFCHenri
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    mindm4ster wrote: »
    ea is banning them right before rewards to my knowledge

  • NickoSkyhoej
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    CFCHenri wrote: »
    mindm4ster wrote: »
    ea is banning them right before rewards to my knowledge

    If they do, they could atleast let us normal players get the top rewards as well - But no, we get the rewards we were at before the bans.
  • gbshow
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    Tbf that does look very dodgy. Shame EA doesn't care about pc users.
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