Game changing gameplay methods.....

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Any tips? After being utter drivel online & even the odd struggle offline v Legendary after the patch I've finally took my game to the next level.

I thought I'd share what I'm doing different on here. TBH, most probably already know & utilise these methods, but prior to this version I've never really needed too.

1. People were dribbling past me too easily. Even the CPU was slicing through me at will. Defensive tip - hold RT & LT together. Easier to control your player & stay with the attacker when holding both. Logically, should be easier without holding sprint, but it's not. Try it.

2. Difficulty opening up packed defences. My word, this is unreal. Tap & also hold at various times LB to perform insane tight turns that will see you ghost past defenders.

Be careful, it triggers a through run & will at times have your defenders sprinting forwards as you get used to it.

- honestly, I'm
- A decent player normally but I'm beating everyone & everything with those methods.
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