Is Alex Sandro worth it?

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I've been thinking about buying him but his price tag is a bit steep is he worth the coins?


  • patjebeek1995
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    I got him untradeable and really happy with that pull, also got a untradeable alaba and sandro beats him IMO.
  • Fabi1234
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  • JorisDB
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    Best LB in the game, he's so good.
    84 phys is the thing that makes him insane in my opinion, and which is why he outclasses Alaba.
    Marcelo was never a match for Sandro in '18, since Marcelo's only got 78 pace which is too slow in my opinion..
  • krippJ
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    He's really good!
  • CarlosJr9
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    Looks like I'll get him then, I was also considering IF Ghoulam but Sandro's card looks too good.
  • FinneganFach
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    If his price is nothing to you then go for it, why wouldn't you? If you'd rather spend the coins elsewhere, Ghoulam is excellent tbf.
  • If you have plenty in the bank then yes. If you just have 100k then get IF Ghoulam and invest the balance elsewhere.
  • Currieman
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    I'm using Ghoulam and Lukaku and they are both great. Sandro is good but depends if you wanna spend the coins.
  • Jaycunn
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    I’ve had Sandro and IF ghoulam- the latter being preferred sold Sandro back to get ghoulam after thinking Sandro would be a good upgrade
  • Can’t see past Lukaku in my Italian squad very rarely gets beat for pace and offers a decent amount going forward
  • bjornheisenberg
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    lukaku is way better than ghoulam IF although ghoulam did score goals.
  • I bought my Sandro a while ago and had a shadow on him and he feels as fast as anyone in the game with or without the ball. If you do get him i would suggest going with a shadow even though he is already really fast. It allows you to rapidly bring the ball up the pitch after he easily snatches it away and be able to gamble a little on defense because he is so damn fast. Honestly best lb in the game imo and i feel he is miles better than Alaba. Though he is around 90k(xb), he is the best player at that position imo and will make your team better so i would say go for it if you have the coins.
  • Tomb1302
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    CarlosJr9 wrote: »
    I've been thinking about buying him but his price tag is a bit steep is he worth the coins?

    IF Ghoulam is a tank and a fraction of the price.
  • GiveMeKoke
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    Just get Lukaku..
  • SavelPT
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  • CarlosJr9
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    I've bought him and played 2 games and he feels decent, his positioning seems great he made a few good interceptions plus he's very quick and strong. I had lukaku previously, he was good but I thought his passing was inconsistent and I also found myself in a goal scoring position quite often with him but his shooting was terrible.
  • Lloydie
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    I did enjoy him but I couldn't warrant the extra price over the other LB's I could use.

    If you have the coins available then try him and see how he is.
  • DicaniosGod
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    Lukaku is a monster, he chases down and stops everything!!
  • paul24878306
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    Same as any player. Hes worth it if you have the coins without worrying.

    Personally there a much better places to upgrade a squad first - but if you have done the rest already, or have coins to burn - sure hes worth it.

    I always upgrade my fullbacks last (to top end players) UNLESS Im using a 5atb with fullbacks on always overlap. In that case you have a fast fullback that can pass/cross/score who also have great stamina. There arnt many of those so you have to spend the coins.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Sandro is the best, fast, strong, agile and his crossing is superb...
  • DSmith
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