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4231(1) instructions and custom tactics?

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Noticed that 4231(1) is used by many “pro” players, but can’t really get my team to work, so would anyone care to share their custom tactics and instructions?

I’m using
Bigalka - Hagi - Gomez
Goretzka - Brozovic
Durm - Howedes - Benatia - Abate


  • ManTrain
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    Striker - get in behind/press back like.

    Outside CAMs- stay forward

    Central CAM- Stay forward and stay on the edge of the box for crosses (you can used balanced or get into box if you prefer)

    LB/RB- Stay back while attacking

    CDMs- I keep my best box to box player (marchisio) on default and man mark. My other CDM (casemiro) is set to stay back while attacking and man mark.
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