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IF Icardi or IF Immobile?

1880 posts Play-Off Hero
Immobile is 84 but 5 out of 6 stats are higher than icardi 86?! Anyone tried both and able to comment? Going to get one before I can afford an icon striker


  • Tried if immo. Compared to belotti he wasn't as clinical - wasted lots of chances- and seemed slow with the ball. Thinking about if Icardi.
  • leon1309
    4210 posts National Call-Up
    IF Immobile is very good. When hunter chem is applied he has 95/95 in pace/shooting and also has decent physical stats.
  • Sandell85
    7618 posts League Winner
    I have both upfront! They are lethal with a hunter card.. atm immobile is assisting and Icardi score the goals
  • Nicku32
    2225 posts Fans' Favourite
    I have IF Icardi and he has around 17 games 17 goals and 17 assists. Most of his games have been next to 85 Crespo with IF Brozovic behind in 41212(2)
  • AliasMaurice
    2346 posts Fans' Favourite
    In game stats which can be checked on the card are more important than the overall the card shows.

    I opted for IF immobile over icardi. I put an engine on him to improve his passing and turning as his shooting is already good enough at 89. Played in a 2 with 88 Shevchenko and he's great for me. Only around 12 goals in 30 games but 20+ assists which is excellent. For 45k thereabouts he's solid. Belotti is also great and at a fraction of the price.
  • Napoli9
    1964 posts Fans' Favourite
    Im using immobile. hes great, I paired him up with st mertens and hamsik..
  • Solari
    1880 posts Play-Off Hero
    I tried if immobile and didn’t like him
    Using scream perisic now and very happy
    Thinking should I get 85 crespo!
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