From Great to Good to Bad

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Over these past few patches, I'm slowly hating FIFA 18 gameplay. When the game came out, everything was perfect besides the keepers: defending took skill (not computer assisted), passing was smooth (not constant awful passes), and shooting was nice. Now after these few patches it seems as if there is little to no skill gap now too. The most frustrating thing to me is how bad the passing has become. In the beginning of the game, passing was amazing. It was by far the most realistic passing of any FIFA. Now even with players like Iniesta, Pjanic, De Bruyne, etc, they make so many errors now than they did before. It is not that I am passing to marked players or making bad passing decisions, they will literally pass 10 yards behind or in front of a player I want to pass to when I am just pressing A. Another thing that upsets me is how broken touches are now when you are on a counter and you're about to enter the opponent's box. About 50% of the time your players will take a huge touch or an extra touch when you have already pressed to shoot the ball. It is like as if the game wants you to lose the ball and not score. I think EA listen to the minority too much and they adjust the game and end up destroying the game like they do every year. At this early stage of 18, it feels like I am playing Fifa 17 again.
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