Fifa 18 V1, V2 and V3...

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There seems to be 3 different versions of this game all being played at the same time... Last weekend the gameplay was horrendous for me... I'm not kidding when I say my players literally could not sprint... A fact highlighted when my opponents Matic was sprinting with the ball in the 20th minute of a match and he was actually pulling away from my fully fit Vidal who was chasing him with R2 very firmly pressed!!

This weekend I see many complaints about the gameplay and Saturday night being the worst time to play yet I played 10 matches last night and they were best gameplay I've experienced so far this year!... I did lose 8 out of 10 matches but couldn't blame the gameplay for any of my losses and it was my own inability to cope with sweaty 4321 abuse... However I did actually enjoy all the matches because my team were responding as they were supposed to be....

How can the game feel so different from one weekend to the next and even from one person to the next in the same weekend?
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