EA you screwed the pooch again !

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Why on Gods green earth would a defensive player not close down a player right in front of the box ? Why is defense's default move to back off the ball ? seriously who do you study on how to tackle ? How come if the player if facing me but holding down whatever button makes you slow dribble in this God forsaken game, the defensive player doesn't just close him down ? I don't understand what games do you guys watch to make these games ? Are you just trying to do new features so bad that you don't care about game play at all ? This game sucks and 17 sucked too. I pray that Fifa will give someone else a chance to make a game. You having a monopoly on Fifa is hurting the fans . Cause you don't listen to us and you don't care as long as your making money. This game is Garbage. Recycle Bin space.
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