One team or two..?

Whats everyone doing squad wise, do you have one team and use fitness cards or two and alternate to manage fitness?

I have a strong Calcio A eleven and 500k left to upgrade. I usually get a fitness squad as well of a good standard but I'm struggling to find a team with the players I like for the 500k ish I have left.

Any benefits of having two teams etc?


  • Blinky
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    I personally wouldn't pump that much into a fitness team, and if you do I'd certainly buy when the market is extremely low. With all the talk of market crashes you'd stand to lose quite a chunk if it occurred. It may be worth having a look at cheaper leagues and possibly just using your fitness team in squad battles etc.
  • BlxckJack
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    I got 5 teams :open_mouth:
    Just for the diversity. All squads are like 70kish and got 1.3m coins left. U dont need expensive teams to win
  • lad33
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    2 team rotation for each formation.
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