Squad Battles Rigged???

Someone explain this because i'm baffled.

I play on Legendary. I haven't lost a game all week, am currently Elite 1 and this morning beat an 86 rated 91 chem team 6-1 which included Ronaldo, Messi, Vieira and Bergkamp.

Then.....i played the worst team i've faced not just in this batch of 4, but all week. 79 rated 38 chem (yes 38....that is not a typo.....38) every single link was red.

I lost 0-4!!!!!!

How the eff is that possible after beating 84/85/86 rated 100 chem teams all week!!! As i said, havent lost a game all week!! Then get smashed by the worst team i've faced all week!!!?? WHAT!!??


  • snoikdonk
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    You've only just realised?
  • snoikdonk wrote: »
    You've only just realised?

    I knew it was dodgy man, but 38 chem!! Absoloute joke
  • dolcecubana
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    Yeah. I've had some 90 rated pace players get outsprinted by the likes of Biglia and Fellaini.

    Last two days, I noticed it was really bad. I spent about 30% of today's matches watching my player do an over-extend animation for passes that went directly to them. Not to mention every deflection goes against me. Had situations where my player is right next to the ball, the opposition about 3 or 4 more lengths away, and instead of getting the ball, they wait, and the computer character does the slide pass animation and gets the ball first.

    A consistent problem that has been there even prior to the last two days is when the opponent does a cross field pass, I can't move my player to move in front of the ball instead of running directly towards the opponent. Which is stupid since I clearly want to cover the area towards my goal. No chance though. Player is locked into that straight line run until the opponent receives the ball on the other end.
  • snoikdonk
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    It happens all the time for me. While not saying it's "rigged" (as I can't see why EA would want to do that, or who it would benefit) quite often the lower rated, lower chem teams play out of their skin and, no matter what, manage to save every shot and score worldies themselves. You can also usually tell when the oppo are going to score as they suddenly become invincible and start passing like Barca on steroids while your players suddenly develop the reactions of a sloth on ketamine.

    I don't know why this imbalance is in the game but it's not even subtly programmed any more.
  • ChrisMagicman13
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    :lol: I’ve been thinking the exact same, just hasn’t said anything. Currently at Elite 1, but up til Thursday I had won every game on Legendary level and was 1200 points off top 100 at one stage. Come Friday I lost 2 games, both from winning positions as all of a sudden I couldn’t pass, players were stuck in the mud and I missed chance after chance that I would normally score easily. I’m now just over 6k short of top 100 but know I won’t get it now
  • Gers2004
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    Don’t disagree with the combination of beating great teams and loosing against low team low chem as happened to me. But who exactly is it or could be rigged for?
  • Gers2004
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    Can’t remember exact words but also does have a disclaimer saying AI teams strengths will vary
  • Rizzywizzy6786
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    Played on ultimate yesterday, cpu Insigne outjumped Sule. Ultimate difficulty is just ridiculous, sticking to legendary
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