FIFA 18 Career Mode Challenges

I made these challenges for Career Mode users who want to make the game more interesting,
enjoy :) DLegTvQX0AETm-t.jpg


  • Arayas
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    And the conection with real world is......? Sounds like a receipe for cake.
    "You must buy 3 eggs and one of them must be from a goose. Then you must fart 3 times and one of them must smell like a new Mercedes. .....Kind of..."
    I mean, i know is hard for EA devs to put 2 and 2 togeder, they want 10 mil. profit from a club worthing 900.000.
    But they are stupid. What's your excuse?
  • I do this as a hobby, and I know that there's lots of people that like it. No need to be so negative.
    My aim is to help 1 person and if I help 1 person I am happy.
  • Arayas
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    Sorry, nothing personal but it's not funny anymore (for me, atleast) to try to improve EA's mess.
    To understand, i asked a friend of mine from old FIFA modding community if they gonna try to unlock the FIFA 18 files and he gave me the right answer: "Why? What's the point? 18 it's the same sh*t like the one from last year!"
    But, dont mind me, do your thing.
  • Well I have nothing to do with modding or anything, ea made lots of improvements this year, I'm just trying to help as I said
  • This actually made Career mode fun for me, using the Atlanta United one. Have any others that are similar?
  • Nice men!

    You are really improving the game with these challenges!
    keep making some more, then i'll keep playing fifa ;)
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