Substitution Glitch

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Whether playing on or offline anytime I pause the game and go to Subs, I cannot get out of the screen. It's stuck in the subs/formation/squad screen. It won't let me back out.

I'm on Xbox One. Any ideas? Hard reset didn't work.


  • Whufc
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    I’ve only ever experienced this once and that was online
  • Two work arounds

    - Go edit custom tactics (just change the slider to whatever) and it should at the very least take you back to the screen where you can go to resume game
    - Turn off controller and turn back on with another controller. This will bring you to the controller selection screen and then you can access the Resume Game option again
  • CtldChaos
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    Search the forums and there have been people that have had some success deleting the most recent squad update.
  • Jwalls5096
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    Shouldnt have to do a workaround
  • Whufc
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    Ok it happened again this time I was playing sb I couldn’t get back to the game thought I was gonna have to restart console and take a L but First I thought let me check here I see(malagacity) comment so I went into custom tactics everything was on 0 but I was able to get back to the game
  • nsholmberg11
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    Glad you got back in. Thanks for the input all. I haven't had any luck myself so I guess I'll try to remember to set all auto subs. Can anyone remind me where to set those autosubs?
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