Web/companion expired items glitch

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I've got a player stuck in my expired.
It's green with bid at 0. I have other expired players I can't clear because of it, it just sends me to the homepage.
It doesn't show on console but is there when I go back to the app.
Anyone got this or managed to fix it?


  • PhilP
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    how many players are in your watch list? It should eventually appear on the console then you should be able to click on it and retrieve it. (might take a couple of attempts) When I had this problem I had about 40 items and then it appeared on the console when I had less than 30.

    It happens when the trade pile is full (and the app doesn't recognise) and then you try to send it to there (then it says it full).
  • Fozberry
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    Ah cheers.
    I've 32 Informs in there, then was bidding on some golds to flip so about 32 to 50. Using the last 10 spaces in my transfer list for it, must have tried to put one too many over at some point then.
    Will have a clear out later and give this a try.
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