Why does FIFA have to "have a story"?

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FIFA has become so ridiculous in rigging games to "make it more interesting".

For example, just handily won the first 4 games in my division then, not for the first time, needing a win for the title, struggle to draw the next two games, and with 4 games to get one point, lose the next two very badly. Dominated. As if the the server chose an opponent from a much higher division and gave them every advantage.

In the two games I lost, my passes suddenly started going astray, shots that flew in previously ended up on the roof, opposition goalkeepers became amazing when I did get shots on target, tackles rebounded to opponents who were wide open, one game featured 3 penalties against me (never had that happen before) and both those losing games had one of my players receive a red card.

FFS, EA. This is not fun because it's just obvious what the AI is doing. Let me play against players of my own level and work my way up, without interference from the program and I'll be happy. And don't give me the "football is like that" crap. No it isn't. Do you think Manchester City will be unbeaten in their first 15 games of the EPL this season and then lose or draw the next 23? Actually, do you think any team in any league will do that?

I can't believe I am the only person who has repeatedly noticed this bias where no matter what you do, you lose a ton of games you would otherwise dominate. it's so frustrating.

Also, and this is important, EA. Please get someone who understands the offside and obstruction rules to write the programming for those parts of the game. Frostbite is great, but can you get the basics right?


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    I have no idea why any sane human being could think it is a "good idea" not only to interfere with the outcomes of video games but also to actively sabotage and spoil the user controls/players "to make it harder". It's so crude.

    Unfortunately society is ruled by a class of control freaks who feel the need to control, manipulate and script "reality" to their liking then tell us it's for our own good.
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