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if you sub in does the player coming on retain the previous players chem or does the chem become what it would if they started the game?


  • ManTrain
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    I believe subbed players receive 6 chem.
  • Libguy
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    A Substitute with 100 Team Chemistry

    (Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)
    (100*.25) + ((5*10)*.75)
    = 25 + 37.5
    = 62.5

    That's where everybody got the 6 chem from. But it's sort of more complicated than that because -

    If the resulting number is greater than 50, players’ attributes start to improve towards their maximum of 99.
    If the resulting number is 50, the number is neutral and the player receives no changes from their base attributes.
    If the resulting number is 49 or lower, the players’ attributes are reduced towards their minimum of 1.

    So 62.5 isn't 6 chem. I think people have done the step-over test and I think a sub on a 100 chem team basically gets no stats boost, which I think is equivalent to 4 chem. Maybe it was 4.5 or 5 chem or something.

    Long story short, it's better to start them out of position on 7 chem if you can.
  • SergiuLive
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    So it's 5 chemistry. It clearly states that on the link you posted and you even posted here.

    Simply put a substitute will get the same boosts as someone on the starting 11 with 5 chemistry.
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