Crossing Discussion Thread

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Hello !

Id like to collect as much information as possible about my favorite thing in this game : crossing !
Tell me all you know about crossing in FIFA 18 !
Whats the difference between the 2 new high crosses? How do you get the ball on the first post to your striker?
I hope theres alot of other people here that like to cross and share their knowledge/experience :)


  • protzbischof
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    First example. How do I cross to Dzeko here? Which kind of cross and how do I aim?
  • RayS
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    I still don't know about the difference between Scoop cross (LT/L2 + cross) and High/lofted cross (LB/L1 + cross)... would like to know as well. I like that they added more ways to cross this year. Always love a towering power header or the occasional bicycle kick!
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