OTW Laca or Aguero

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Hi there,
Who do you suggest me to buy between OTW Laca (620k) or NIF Aguero (500k)?

For me, the price of Laca it seems a bit too high, but he can get several IFs at Arsenal..

Thank you in advance!


  • Lunty
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    The price of both are way too high, so neither
  • jonkero
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    Lunty wrote: »
    The price of both are way too high, so neither

    I hear everyone about this. But are they? Isn't the market different this year? Personally think because of SB's more & more coins are getting pumped into the market, and EA is getting more & more experience how to keep the value of players high, which is crucial for their pack selling throughout the year.

  • Jobiwan
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    I would rather get laca as aguero is just gonna go down in price whereas laca might make you some coin in the long run...
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