How old you are? When you play fifa since?


  • Aspral
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    Second half of my 20s now and I've played since 95. Took a big gap to play PES and started again around Fifa 2007 properly
  • Adrian095
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    43 now. First I tried was FIFA 98 World Cup. Played rarely after that until 2011 when I started with FUT.

    I thought you were 22. The 95 in your name deceived me.
    Gooner wrote: »
    21. First FIFA that i played was 2004

    Thought you said you was 18 amk
  • NileOwl
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    18 and FIFA 09
  • Fishunia
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    28, since 98/99im im the game
  • murazor
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    First Fifa I ve played was Fifa 98.
  • 36. First football game I played was NES world cup 1990. As an aside you guys should try it, it was satisfying to straight foul your opponent with no penalties. Played Fifa international soccer on 94 (my favorite all time), loved Fifa RTWC 98 (the game changer), Fifa 2002 (custom teams, leagues needs to come back), Fifa world cup 2006, Fifa WC 2010, Fifa WC 2014. I then got back to try 2016, 2017, and now 2018. I have tried to support this company since 94, since it showed promise providing a good football game when there was nothing comparable.

    I only wish they would bring back the sweeper defense formation, bring back customizing your own leagues and teams ( I created my whole high school soccer division complete with my team and had so much fun with my team mates watching our virtual selves crush our division!)

    And for FUT I would say they need to allow more connectivity for chemistry. Lets be honest, a portuguese player should be able to effectively communicate with a brazilian player even if they are not on the same team and country. They should add language with some higher tier players able to link with various languages. That would make a more dynamic FUT team. English speaking linking with English speaking Americans for example. In real life this chemistry makes a real difference.

  • chevano
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    50 - and ditto.

    Been playing since 14 (when the PS4 came out). Prior to that I played in the mid 90s (and Sensi soccer pre that - and hell even text adventures on a spectrum) but stopped around 97 when I had kids.

    hmm sensibl soccer how i loved that game with that insane way of dribbling, used to score from mid of the field with a long shot with curve:)

    47 here and still making the hours on fifa, and there was a time i was full into pes but always also had fifa
  • Calayrdonia
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    32, first FIFA I played/owned was FIFA International Soccer on the Mega Drive in 1993. Ah the memories of running away from the referee when he tried to give a yellow card!! Haha.
  • Whitebeard
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    23, for 3 years, stopped around a year ago.
  • Master Fee
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    24, Fifa 09, USA
  • This was one of my fave games ever, anyone recognise it

  • Husala
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    38 been playing since the first fifa game was released
  • Bevan
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    @Drew is nearly 50
  • Drew
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    Bevan wrote: »
    @Drew is nearly 50

    Ten years younger than you!
  • Bevan
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    Drew wrote: »
    Bevan wrote: »
    @Drew is nearly 50

    Ten years younger than you!

    Come to think of it, you look similar to your avi, sick.
  • AJS-17
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    22 first fifa was 2002 ps1
  • THJ71
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    46 and got Fifa on and off up until around 2006 then every Fifa since then up until Fifa 17.

    Not got Fifa 18 and no intentions of getting it :)
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    edited October 2017
    24 Been playing fut since fut 13
  • truegunn3r
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    32, since 1997
  • Manutelli
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    26, my first Fifa game was '98 (played it in 2000 tho) and my last Fifa was '17 and not regretting it.
  • RayS
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    FIFA 2026
  • Aronedu
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    040HH wrote: »
    24, since '04

    Same here brother. That soundtrack single handedly shaped my musical taste too.
  • Verstappen
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    edited October 2017
    23, playing since FIFA 2004
  • MysticM
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    36 here and been playing fut since 2009/10,
    Fifa i been playing since 94( basicly the first fifa game), played sensible soccer and quite a few more.

    Anyone remember what that football game was named where every country would have a different special shot, ranging from powershot to super bicycle kick and many more, its a very old game i believe the nes era.
  • JorisDB
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    25, first thing I can remember about FIFA was playing FIFA '98 on PC (indoor football was awesome). Started to play 'seriously' since fifa 04 I think, but this was ofcourse only career. Started playing online somewhere around '10 I guess, and got hooked on FUT since '12.
    Dutch btw.
  • HennyASAP
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    31, FIFA 95 for Sega Genesis with Alexi Lallas on the cover. I remember creating my own schedule and keeping stats in a notepad, good times...
  • JKGamers23
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    i am 19 and my first fifa was fifa 2007
  • Santiago
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    20 and 2005
  • SH4UN
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    26. First fifa was 99. Played Actua Soccer 3 before that
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    39 started with offline FUT in 14 and then didn't come back until 17.

    Not much of a sports video game guy. If I did, it was usually NHL which I started those in like 92 or something.
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