Málaga CF - Aiming for Europe

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"Lewandowski.. and Reus! Santana! Extraordinary - Dortmund, 2 goals in stoppage time! Out of it on 90 minutes -
back at it by 92"

Ever since that day in April back in 2013, Malaga have not been close to a successful campaign. Could this year be the turn-around where they finally can enter the higher places in La Liga and Champions League?

29th of May

It wasn't much. It wasn't your typical drama about it. No messing about, no talks in the media dragging on for ages. Malaga approached me, they wanted me. I liked them, I knew what they were capable of. I guess you could say I wanted them too.

"So Lyktan. I guess you know something about Malaga. Maybe not everything, it's ok. I have printed a bit of information about the club. Read if you like. But please, read about the players. Very important. Abdullah Al Thani, the owner of Málaga said after the photos were taken. His English was a bit questionable at times, but it was alright.

I looked into the pile of paper I was just handed as I made myself at home in my new office in Spain. It wasn't like my previous job at Djurgårdens IF in Sweden. The weather was warmer, the quality of the players and the league were miles ahead. The language was harder.

"Alright then." I mumbled as I started reading about the general info of the team. Mr. Thani really could just have linked me the Wikipedia-page by the looks of things.

Honestly, I stopped reading after a short while. I was well aware of what kind of team Malaga was and knowing how and when they were founded were not going to give us the success in the league. Only my way of coaching could change that.

I ended up spending a good time at the player section. Mr. Thani, the president and owner of the team, did a good job on that one.
cC18GNV.png tTS8LJc.png

"We are going to need some reinforcements up top. On top of that, some of these players won't fit in my playing style." I said to myself. I expected weeks of searching for a player or two, but it didn't take me long at all until I knew which players I knew would fit in perfectly.


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    Is this how I work? Scouting SkySports Transfer News hoping everything I want to be true to be? Absolutely not. Does it make my life easier? Absolutely.

    This was one of the times where it did. This was not one of the times where the article could have been a complete lie. Iwobi was in fact frustrated in the post-match interview. He is currently surrounded by players like Özil, Alexis Sanchez and Lacazette. Of course he is not going to get a full 90 minutes every week. Or at least, not at that club.

    The fact that this made the news did not surprise me. But it was a good thing: it will definitely stir things up over at the London club, if Iwobi really is so frustrated he could imagine leaving the club.

    I decided to give Wenger a call. I had never spoken to the man before, but him being who he is it's easy to at least have a good guess on how a negotiation with him would work.

    I came to his voicemail. Bit of a shame. Anti-climatic, if you will. I decided to text him. It was a pretty generic one. A deal isn't going to me made over a text anyway, so I basically told him what I wanted and that he could text me when he was available for a call.

    When I awaited his response I was looking at my other alternative. I knew he wouldn't be as important to keep under the radar as Iwobi. I also knew the negotiations wouldn't start like this one with Arsene, I knew the guy and the president of the whole club.

    "Kerim Mrabti." I said to myself as I looked over the pieces of paper Mr. Thani gave me the day before. "He'd fit like a glove".

    As I went down to the local breakfast shop I decided to give the president of Djurgårdens IF a call, the team I was the manager of just before I moved to Spain. Bosse Andersson, or as every other non-Swede would call him: "Mr. Bo", greeted me in the way only he does.

    "Yo' man." It doesn't really sparkle super-serious-business out of those two words. Although he probably thought I called for a quick chat.

    "Uhm. Hey. You know, I really feel like I'm doing something that is stabbing you behind your back right now bu.." I said but I was quickly interrupted.

    "Are you 12? Get to the point." he said and laughed.

    "We both know Kerim Mrabti is leaving this summer. He is one of the best, if not THE BEST, in the league. He could go to a team in the Netherlands and not face real opposition or he could be a player that more often than not gets regular play time in the top tier in Spain. We both care deeply about Kerims development and this is a huge one".

    "**** you." Bosse said. As I said, it doesn't really sparkle super-serious-business.


    "I thought you had done something really stupid when you start chatting about stabbing behind my back and ****. Of course it's interesting Lyktan. We have an offer already from Ajax, but it's a two-year loan with options to buy and percentages fee's here and there. You know what I think about that, don't you. Just give us a respectable fee and I'll talk to Kerim if he is interested. If so he'll take the first plane down and you're paying for it. Sh**head." Bosse said and hung up. It's what he do. He always hangs up first without saying goodbye.

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    I had just ordered my salad sandwich and waited for my latte as I felt my phone vibrate. You may think you don't get starstruck in this job, but bear in mind I only three weeks ago was the manager of a Swedish team. Most people only know about a certain player or that Zlatan used to play in that league. Arsene Wenger most certainly didn't know about me then, and most likely he still doesn't. Although he will soon.

    My sandwich had to wait, sadly. I called him up and was greeted by a thick French accent.


    Hello Arsene, it's Lyktan. We just had a quick text.

    Yes. We did. Look.. uhm. We have top quality in Arsenal. Iwobi is not there yet. He is not Sanchez or Özil. But I think he can be. So if you want to get Iwobi we will have to discuss this in person, mhm? Wenger said and I started smiling when I realised he talks just like he does at press conferences.

    I completely agree. I can be in London this afternoon if you have time.

    I have time. You know where London Colney is? I will make sure to meet you at 16.30. Also I will talk with Iwobi.
    If we get good money from him, I want this done as soon as possible.
    Wenger said and hung up. Seems like no one cares about saying goodbye here.

    I brought my latte and sandwich with me and grabbed a cab right outside the café. My passport was still in my jacket after my arrival, conveniently enough.

    "Please, have a seat. Coffee?" Wenger greeted me.

    "Thanks, I'm good".

    "Good. Coffee wasn't ready anyway". Wenger said jokingly. Or I guess, he didn't smile saying it.

    Look.. uhm. I talked to Iwobi before you arrived. We could be done today with everything but paperwork. Paperwork takes time, of course. But if you can provide me what Iwobi is worth then I will not drag on for too long.

    It was an unusual negotiation. Wenger is literally known for doing the exact opposite. The £40,000,001 saga from the era of Suaréz is an example. Higuain another. I was fine with it. I knew what Iwobi could bring to Malaga.

    How would you feel with an offer of $8,000,000? I started.

    I would say no. Wenger said, without seeming to respond with an alternative offer.

    Iwobi is young. And we know he can be very good. I would lie if I said he would stay at Malaga his whole career if he is doing as well as he can. How about we say 8 million and you get 15% when we sell him?

    Look.. 8 million is absolutely not what I am after. 15 million. Wenger said and finally started negotiating.

    15 million is a bit too much, isn't it? I can give 11.

    12? Wenger said and he smiled. He actually smiled.

    I couldn't not laugh. I stood up and shook his hand.

    Now I had a meeting with Iwobi and his agent in just a few minutes. I wasn't new at this. But I never made these kinds of signings. So I guess, in one way I was very new. However I was only a good meeting away from my first signing.
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    I walked into another room to find Iwobi. It seemed like a movie where I just had people waiting for me everywhere, but for now everything seemed to work out pretty well. Iwobi had just finished practice and stood up to shake my hand.


    "Lyktan, nice to meet you Alex."

    "And this is my agent, Emeka"

    We all sat down and had a bit of a chat. It seemed to me that the newspapers story about him being frustrated at Arsenal were very much true. I couldn't ask him straight out, but I kind of did anyway.

    "So Alex. The newspapers say one thing and we both know they aren't always true. But I've watched many of your games and you are playing very well, but you are still in the shadow of some super players. That's why I'm here and why I think a move to Malaga would fit you perfectly.

    Alex and I spoke about what the newspaper wrote earlier today. My client is not happy with the lack of playing time, that is right. If we would say that a move to Malaga would be in our best interest, how can you guarantee he will play and develop more than here? Emeka said and had a sip of his coffee.

    Honestly, you can never guarantee anything. But I can promise that it will be important to me that you get a starting position and that you develop. And honestly, let's say you move to us and in two years you get an offer from let's say.. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid or Bayern. That means you can develop more and I won't be in your way of going there.

    What exactly do you mean? Emeka said and sounded almost irritated but looked pretty pleased. It was odd.

    What I'm saying is that with this little playing time at Arsenal, it will be hard for Alex to really get in the starting 11. If he performs as well as he can, he will play every game for Malaga. Maybe not the first cup games or when the fixtures are heavy, but you get the point. I also mean that Alex never will get an offer from a bigger club if he doesn't play much. He will play much, and that should spike a lot of interest over at the bigger clubs. Let's say if and when PSG contacts us we won't be holding you back from going there and developing further.

    Alex, what do you think? Emeka said and looked to his left.

    Uhm.. I.. I like it. Honestly.

    Emeka nodded and I moved forward in the negotiation process.

    "Regular playing time. 3 year contract. 40,000 euro" I said.

    Sound's good. But the salary is too low. We want 55. Emeka said.

    55 wasn't too much. But I knew I could get it down a little.


    55. I just said 55.

    Well. So much for being confident. I scratched my head and said.

    Alright. Let's meet at 52.

    Iwobi looked at Emeka and smiled. The guy is young. He is 21. He probably is excited about getting a raise. He probably doesn't think about that doing so, he puts me in the dominant position. He is satisfied by the looks of things and it's hard for his agent to try and convince me a higher salary then, and risking it to fall apart.

    Emeka shaked my hand and I handed over a piece of paper towards Iwobi. I knew this could take some time and I told them I'd give them 10-15 minutes to look over everything.

    I knew the negotiation with Kerim would not be like the one I just had with Alex. Going from Allsvenskan to the top league in Spain? You would find few people who'd turn that down. I knew that if I offered him a good wage and a good squad role he'd fly down and sign it himself.

    "Hey, nice to talk to you again! We miss you up here. I heard about your offer. I'm flattered. Kerim said, understandably excited whilst saying three different things at the same time.

    "You too. I miss you guys too. Good. You should be. How interested are you Kerim? I'll be completely serious. You play every week in Djurgårdens IF and you probably won't do it here. Of course you'll play, but we are talking La Liga."

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool, cool."

    I probably could've offered him a bag of chips and he would accept it in an instant. He'd probably call me back a few hours later though.

    You'll have a sporadic squad role and earn 10,000 a week. If you say okay to that I'll fax you the contract and you can send it back to my office in Malaga.

    Of course. Of course I say yes. You'll have it in no time. I'll fly down myself as soon as possible. Most likely tomorrow..

    I look forward to it. Welcome Kerim.

    When I went back into the office with Iwobi and his agent they said almost the same thing. They both looked pleased and handed me an envelope with the contract in.

    "Welcome to Malaga, Iwobi".
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    Man, some serious work being out into the writing. Very cool B) just have to find time to read it all :D
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    Good luck pal, I've skimmed through it so far, lots of work put in to this to create a unique story! Malaga is a solid team choice so hope you do well and challenge for those European spots, lots of competition there
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    A few days later

    That's that then. Two signings in one day. I shouldn't get used to it, should I? They were my two targets for this summer and getting in more would be a risk, at least for now.

    I had barely placed the contracts on the shelves and gone back to work before one of the workers of the member exclusive magazine came in the room. Mrabti's picture had already been taken and Iwobi left for international duty shortly after our meeting.

    The magazine was only for the fans with membership and it came out once a year. They changed it right before release to include the new signings and it looked proper. Felt good seeing Mrabti in my colors again.

    There had been little to no speculation in media about this. Mrabti wasn't really that known and only Swedish newspapers wrote about it even though they didn't know much at all. Speculations, really. Some newspapers wrote that Iwobi was in talks with Chelsea and Schalke 04. No talks about Málaga yet.

    The magazine was sorted out. The contracts were agreed on and the two signings would join training in only a couple of days. However, the squad may not need as many players as it has now.

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    Lots of work put into the writing for this, nice one. And good luck :)
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    One of the rules of this CM is that I have to sell a player if the bid is about the players worth and the club is considered better than Málaga. Of course this may not be the case if I end up winning the CL in a couple of years,
    but as long as Malaga isn't considered one of the worlds best I have to sell.

    I sat in my office when Marcelino García Toral, the manager of Valencia, called. We have never spoken before and he didn't seem to understand that I knew no Spanish at all at first.

    "I want to discuss a possible transfer of your player Keko. Can we set up a meeting? I can be at your office in a few hours. he said.

    I didn't really plan on selling him, no. But I will always listen to the offer. I think it's good. Bigger chance that they'll listen if I contact them later.

    A few hours later Marcelino stepped in my office. He wore a suit, a tie and a pullover. Proper guy, that. He sat down and went pretty much straight to the point.

    "So. Keko. I think he would fit in Valencia very well. I know he is one of your better players and we are playing in the same league so I am going to give you a respectable amount for him."

    "Alright. I'm listening."

    "I can offer you 15 million." he said and leaned back.

    "That's not as respectable as I imagined" I said whilst writing down the number. "18 million and a 15% sell-on clause.

    "No. No sell-on clauses. My last offer is 20,5 million. No percentage fees. 20,5."

    I wrote that down too. I looked at Marcelino for a while. 20,5 million is a good fee. He is worth less than that. Also Iwobi can take his place. If Mrabti developes well, he can too. Good timing. Iwobi and Mrabti hadn't been officially confirmed yet. They would be in a couple of hours. If Marcelino knew about it he'd probably not offer 20,5.

    "20,5. I accept that. You may contact the player and start negotiating with him" I said and Marcelino smiled as he shaked my hand.


    It was official, the news wrote about it and it was a pleasant sight to read Twitter that day. Iwobi was praised and many said that "he could really grow into something big here" while the people writing about Mrabti either wrote that "they had no clue who he was" or were impressed with what they saw on him on several YouTube clips.

    Two days later

    Come in? I said whilst packing my bag.

    Hello, boss. Where you heading? Koke said. I had almost forgotten about him in my rush.

    You know what? I'm actually going to school again. I have to learn Spanish and now before the season I have some time do so. I guess I have to be good at multitasking.

    I just wanted to say it's sad that we didn't get to know each other better, but I am thankful that you give me the chance to further develop at Valencia. We agreed terms a few hours ago and I'm here to say goodbye to everyone.

    I hadn't forgotten about it, but I hadn't been thinking about it too much. And honestly I was happy, the money came in handy. We got a good price for him.

    We talked for a while and Koke left the room. I hadn't been alone for more than half a minute when Mr. Thani showed up. We had recieved a loan-offer from Real Zaragoza on Deco where they would pay 75% of his wage. Mr. Thani usually didn't have a hand in transfers but this was a small one and he basically asked if I approved of it.

    "Sound's like a good move. Make sure we can get him back if need be. I said. I was too used to have a player go out on loan, have his position being empty due to injuries with no option to call him back. Never again.

    I went away for a few days after "strong advice" from the board that I needed to get better at Spanish. Quite frankly, I wasn't excited but I knew I had to know more than to buy beers and say hello in Spanish, so I obliged and went on a course. Spanish for beginners. I would miss the tour in France, but the Assistant Manager had already sorted it before I came so it didn't affect us to much.

    After the tour in France

    We had a very good tournament. We didn't face especially tough opponents but fell short in the final on penalties. The only problem was that one of our best players, the newly arrived Adrian Gonzalez, broke his leg. Out for 3 months. Only one problem, but a big one at that.

    Alberto Lopez was quickly sold to Danish Nordstjaelland for 410,000. Why? Lopez had been in the youth squad earlier and have been here for a very long time but decided that he wanted to move away and try his luck elsewhere. Not the worst loss but disappointing to lose a youngsters for such a little penny.

    Could I focus on that?

    No. It was time for our first game in the La Liga very shortly.
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    It was our first game with me as the manager. During the pre-season we had looked sharp, positive and creative. It was time to show that we could do it when it mattered.

    "I want to see you guys full of energy from the minute you get out there. No messing about, no pre-season slack-mentality. None of it. Ready to go, from the get go.". The energy in that dressing room was great. The players were excited for a new season.

    Press conference after Eibar game

    Lyktan, your first game as a manager and only a draw. You said you were aiming for Europe. How do you reckon that's going now? a journalist asked.

    I don't think it's only a draw. First game of the season and it's unusual to look as good as you do during the end of it. This wasn't our best game and not a game we will look back at really. But I think we can bring a lot of positives from that game too. How I think we will get to Europe with only one point after a game? I just said it. It's been one game.
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    I like the idea of being realistic about the transfers. Helps keep your team fresh and the storyline fun to follow.
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    First win of the season. Was it pretty? Nope. Were we worth it? Maybe not. Did it feel good? A-b-s-olutely.

    "You guys did what you have to do to end up high in the table. A physical match, not loads of chances and against a very defending team. You guys didn't give up. And Hernandez, that is top quality from a centre back. Thank you Luis".

    A last minute winner from a corner, from a defender? You'd think it would be either a scrappy tap in or a header. The corner kick flew right to Hernandez boots who took it directly with a volley and it found the back of the net. And as I said, we might not have been the better team. It was very close, but these are the games you win if you want to succeed. The ones you don't really should win.
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    Deadline day

    Two games in, 4 points. Not too bad at all. I felt at home here in Spain. I still had to talk English everywhere I went but other than that, I felt good. I knew I had something going on. Málaga would be back where they were a couple of years ago. But this time they weren't going to get knocked out after two goals in stoppage time.

    I got a call from SkySports. They were doing a full coverage on La Liga Santander on Deadline Day. Honestly, I wouldn't give them much information. Mostly because I didn't plan on selling or buying anyone. I had gotten a couple of calls on some of my players, but I didn't even respond. They were close to rude with their offers, and considering no one seemed to want to leave I didn't spend time on it.

    "Hey Lyktan, Jamie here from SkySports. Just calling you quickly to see what's up in Málaga? Are you satisfied with the signings you made?"

    "Yeah, I am. The team is looking better and better for each day and I can't see any reason to change anything now."

    "One of your better players got injured and will be out most likely until Christmas. Are you not going to replace him?" the reporter said and started to sound like he knew my business better than myself.

    "My two signings can both cover his position, along with the other players we have who can play in midfield. His injury is a shame, but we wont' collapse without him."

    We hung up after a not-so-interesting talk and I checked social media, mail and went through last games tactic to see what we did right and wrong. The upcoming game against Las Palmas could get very hard.

    The following day

    "Cavani to Barcelona? I wonder why. Suaréz isn't exactly a bad option. Cavani isn't going to play winger now is he? I said confused. There had been loads of interesting signings on deadline day, but I was satisfied with the squad I had.

    I stopped focusing on that. It was time to focus on the next game.
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    Great, fresh style of writing. It's pleasure to follow the story!
    I like your transfer tactic, beeing open to good offers and also aiming for 'unknown' transfer targets. Pays off in a solid start of the season with Mrabi having an impact already. Keep it up and good luck mate!
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    Hey... another LaLiga team. I once did a Malaga story too. Good luck!

    There is a lot of work into this. Willing to follow the rest of the story. Quite good start for the season!
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    Good to see another La Liga story. Not a great result vs Eibar, games that need to be won those.
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    Decent couple of results so far. Like the transfer idea as well. I think Iwobi is a good deal for you.
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    Fantastic start brilliant write ups and realistic transfers couple of decent results to start the season as well
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    Lyktan was not happy during the press-conference after the game. When asked how he felt after his first loss in the league his answer showed his emotions.
    "Horrible. We have a tough schedule in front of us with Atletico Madrid up next, and we perform well under our level that we can play. We simply were not good enough today and it's very frustrating to watch. Las Palmas played very well defensively and Remy showed how good he is in front of goal. We knew that, but we didn't do anything about it. This is a game we would've won if we had worked as a team and not as 11 individuals.

    The next game was against the big Atletico Madrid. And honestly, if we couldn't win against Las Palmas - why would we win against Atletico? Of course it doesn't work to think like that but we had a week to prepare for the game and we sure did during practice the day after.

    Defending and finishing. Defenders worked on blocking the shots and intercepting and the attackers to score. I took Iwobi to the side during training for a quick chat.

    "What's up, coach?"

    "You need to be more calm during the games. You seem stressed out there. You'll start against Atletico but I need a big performance from you or you'll have to start on the bench. Do you understand what I'm trying to say here?"

    "Ye. I know. I just want to score, ya know?"

    Yeah, I know. It's how attackers work. But I told him to keep it up and after another hour practice was over. The following week was tough with loads of different areas during training and I felt more confident going into our fourth game in the league, sitting at 9th place.


    What can you say. Iwobi did good. Got himself an assist. But really, it was all about Mrabti today. He got the ball from Iwobi, ran alone against two defenders, turned inside and smashed one in behind Oblak. It's such a fantastic player and to be confident enough to do that in such a big game is unique.

    If no one knew about Mrabti before the season started, they certainly did now. He was quite popular after the game with autographs, interviews and everything else there can be. Hopefully he would be fit enough to play again in three days against another big opponent: Valencia.
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    We were doing really good. The people who doubted us in media after Las Palmas (including myself) started to change their minds. We were lucky not to be down with at least 2-3 goals in half time. Simone Zaza was a constant threat to us. Our goal wasn't deserved seeing how the first half went. Them scoring was deserved, but it was a bad goal to concede. Iwobi had just had a shot saved and the corner lead to them counter attacking us, and a few seconds before half time they scored.

    It was almost a good thing. Now we could focus on taking the lead, and not just try to maintain it. Mrabti had two big chances but couldn't convert and decided to get himself his second assist of the day when Iwobi in a tight area finessed it in.

    2-1 up and the game had changed. We were in control of it but every now and then they came forward with great force. Iwobi decided to finish the game by himself in the 81st minute and I don't think I've seen a happier player in a good while.
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    Nice reading... and great victory at Wanda... after a disappointing home defeat.

    Your defending seems quite powerful because if you score a goal your team end up winning points.

    Let's see what you can do vs Valencia.
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    Ugly defeat but then you bounced back with a couple of AMAZING wins. Team has some potential to make some noise in the league this season B)
  • JoshDFC
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    2 massive wins against very tough opponents nice to see Iwobi get a couple of goals hopefully he will contribue more to the team now
  • Greenman019
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    Great to get a win over Athletico. Perfect way to bounce back from that loss. Good follow up against Valencia as well, another tough opponent.
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    "Last game of the month. What was your thoughts on it?" a journo asked me after the game.

    "I think we play poorly in the first half. It's like we're constantly caught by surprise and we're not doing much with the ball. In the second half I think we're dominating it and we should've had three points but Bilbao played very well defensively".

    I sat down in my office reading the news and looking at social media when it was time for me to check who the Player of the Month would be. Ronaldo? Guerrero? Mrabti? He was actually nominated. I had thoughts about Mrabti, that he maybe could win it, but nah. Ronaldo was joint top scorer along with five others, with four goals. Mrabti was joint second with 8 others, on three goals.

    I checked the league table. It was quite a weird table this far in. CD Leganés was on first place with 16 points in 7 games. Five wins, one draw, one loss. Madrid on second with 15 in 7. 3 draws, 4 wins. Barcelona in third with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. My Málaga on fourth with 11 points.

    It sure had been a wonderful journey thus far and it was not time to slow down. At exactly 19:00 I refreshed the leagues website to see who the player of the month was. It didn't matter really if anyone won it but it would be a nice morale boost to the squad if we had someone who'd win it in the future. This time around it seemed to me that Ronaldo would get POTM for the second month in a row.

    Well. I guess it's wonderful being wrong. I already looked forward to our next game against Sevilla. His confidence probably would be insane.

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    Really like the matchday graphics looks great. Results have been quite good too, beating Atl Madrid away was fantastic, and good attemps with the PIADS graphics
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    Kerim sat down in the locker room after the team talks. We hadn't really talked as much as you'd think speaking the same language and all. It felt right now.

    "What the ****, Lyktan. How am I doing this? Honestly. I won the POTM over Ronaldo. I was playing in the Swedish league a few months ago.

    He was a funny guy and I am glad he's doing well. Or, more than well. He is the fan favourite at the moment. Something that did not apply to Sevillas Pablo Sarabria after the game. Apparantely he got a lot of stick for his miss. We got very nervous after the goal from Ben Yedder. In the 94th minute they got a free kick in the center half and Sarabria got it, got past two defenders but seemed to lose his balance as he took the shot. Lucky for us.

    Our next game was against CD Leganés, the team no one would've guessed would still be in the top in October. The one after that? FC Barcelona.

    It was time for the national break, and I flew home to Sweden to catch some games in the Swedish league. You know, for some well deserved rest.
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    Ashy wrote: »
    Really like the matchday graphics looks great. Results have been quite good too, beating Atl Madrid away was fantastic, and good attemps with the PIADS graphics

    Yep, insanely good result! Sorry, I've been doing this for like a few years now but I still don't know what PIADS means.
  • Ashy
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    Player in a different shirt haha
  • Lyktan
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    Ashy wrote: »
    Player in a different shirt haha

    Ah, of course. It's super fun but here's hoping Mrabti don't do much better than this. He doesn't have that many pictures of him.
  • Wyojasond
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    Agree with Ashy, I really like the matchday graphics. Great confidence boost for Kerim
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