Not playing games

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Anyone else not playing matches? I’ve only been on the web app in a good while now. Just been trying to trade and do sbc’s. Games only been out a short while and I felt leaving it for a week or two might be the best option haha.
If I could save to Thierry that might bring me back.


  • Mmandras
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    Sure it's addictive looking the coins add up but there is no point if you stay out of the game.
  • Nathlee123
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    I don’t normally, usually hammer hundreds of matches before Christmas. Get to div1 and then concentrate on weekend league.
    Believe I’ve stopped at division 3 and won’t be a weekend league after last week. So many disconnects. Squad battles was just driving me insane although I feel it’s a nice addition.
    First Fifa I’ve struggled with so early, I gave up on 17 pretty early last time but just can’t get consistent enjoyment this year.
    Hate not playing a fifa too.
  • Retro_G
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    Yeah haven't played much since the patch, waiting on a new gameplay update. They've to release one before the first regional tournament, otherwise viewing numbers will be down. It was much more enjoyable to watch pre-patch.
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