ultimate team hype?

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serious question but what is the actual hype of ultimate team, like what is the feeling? do people actually play game modes or do they just open packs and trade all day? I mean i know that when i packed a blue eyes dragon in my yu-gi-oh i was hella happy but i was like 12 years old back then. I see people like this castro guy on twitch going over the top when he packs decent player but i havent actually seen him play a game of football. and the dude is acting like ronaldo or messi are exclusive to him like... just go play with real madrid in season's hes right there and you dont have to spend money to get him. or go to team management and move a few players around in your settings menu. I just find it hard to understand the hype tbh, but then again i dont understand how people can be addicted to heroin. same thing i guess.


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    P2w games are very populair This days .. Fifa nba2k etc ... biggest And most populair apps games are mostly Free but to Get better Cards or Get stronger you can Get iT By buying things ... Person 1can be more skilled but person 2 spend money too be stronger or better than person 1 .. thats why fut is so populair . IT is just like collect yu gi oh Cards what you say . They want have All the best Cards
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    Because Fifa is catered towards 12 year olds.

    And do you know what the most disgusting part is? If you continue to play the same players for a long time in FUT (and 10 games appears to be a "long time" in FUT), your players get worse and worse. Because newly packed cards appear to receive some sort of an invisible boost to their skills. How many times have you opened/bought a new player and he ended up scoring multiple goals in his debut match for you? He feels like magic but then all of a sudden he can't score any more goals even when given obvious chances. In many cases, in the first match you play a 78 rated striker that you just acquired, he will out perform your 85+ rated striker that you've had for a long time.

    Why? Because EA wants to make sure that once you've packed your Ronaldo, your Messi, your Neuer and your Neymar, they want to make sure that you continue to buy more packs. That's what keeps the market running, boosted by weekly IF cards and what not, and that's what makes EA money. Corruption to the core, that's what Fifa and EA is.
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    but my point is, the people that act like they just won the lottery when they packed a decent player are not 12 year olds they are 20+ and why is it so exciting when you can just play with these same guy's in online seasons. not to mention that these people spend all this money like its for a lifetime, Next year all that spending is invalid and you have to do it again. I buy things for dota but thats cosmetics and that is a game that is out to last for like 10+ years so spending is more justified.
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