Just some videos...

To show how bad fifa 18 is. This is just to have a laugh, because i am past the angry stage already. I know i am not that good but not that bad either. This game is just crap.

The footage is from 2 wl games

1. I conceded a free kick in the 120th minute. My selected player was eriksen at the bottom of the screen. I wanted to cover goalline but noticed it would leave a gap so went back. In the meanwhile my ai defenders give every room to the attackers in the box and before i could switch (had to go through the whole wall first) the ball was in the back of the net

2. The quick 1-2 which is impossible to defend. You see me trying to cover with luiz, but my other defender just plays mane onside. Any tips to defend this?

3. The impossible to defend through ball from to penalty box of my opppnent

4. The perfect interception pass to my opponent

5. The inevitable goalkeeper fail (there are many worse, but its annoying when the othet gk makes world class saves)

You see me.losing a game 8-3. That big scoreline i didnt even loose against the likes of jigglyste and pureframez in fifa17.

Just enjoy and feel free to post your own wtf fifa 18 moments.


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    looool. Im not even that good(div3), but bro some of those are your own damn fault. Practice makes perfect. Play WL and get better. I was raging at one point and almost stopped for good. But i kept at it and learned all the bs.
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