EA please make the passing assistance manual

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On the next patch please put passing assistance on manual to curb the table tennis nerf passing thank you.


  • sonofocelot
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    Agreed. Manual should be compulsory online. Zero skill in assisted.
  • adjansi
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    You can enable your pass to manual, and choose to match online with manual pass players too.

    Try and see how good you are, post your 10 games record afterwards @djeaze45
  • Ggggoooopppp
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    If it would be so I’ll buy this game.
  • MisterSOSA
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    Football is made of achievements AND mistakes and that's why we love this sport, because it provides all kind of emotions... and EA still can't grab that very obvious concept. It's not all about scoring scissors after some tiki-taka bullsh*t. It's also about missing the most easiest pass at the most crucial moment because under pressure, sh*t happens. That's why manual controls are so important for a sport game, especially football. Scoring a beautiful goal in manual feels rewarding like nothing else...it's literally a different world. There's 2 games in a Fifa.

    Full Manual should be mandatory period... The famous "skill gap" everybody's talking about is right there.

    But EA won't dare to annoy the young FUT buyers or the so-called champions who can't handle to fill a gauge and aim by themselves...so a manual fifa by default is a lovely utopia. But since Konami is waking up on the other side, there's hope. It might give a little kick in EA's nuts
  • djeaze45
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    I love passing manual because it is realistic and teach these noobs how to pass and not be 1-dimensional.
  • squalles
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    passes like fifa 16 are so good... i don´t know why ea destroyed this
  • Boudyrayes
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    Agreed. Signed.
  • djeaze45
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    I totally agree guys
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