100-140k what trading should I do now?

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Hello, I've currently got 52 gold squad Fitnesses which I'm just listing up all for 1500-2000 coins, using the lazy buyer method. I've been doing some silver IF methods and I'm sitting on 65k, but assuming all the SFs sell then I'll be perched upon 140k give or take.

I don't want to do the nIF or IF lazy buyer method because it's stressful seeing nothing sell. So what should i do, I'm happy doing methods where prices of items/players fluctuate depending on the day, which is what I,mactuzlly doing with the SFs, bought on Sunday and hoping to sell the majority when the WL starts. Again, I'm happy to do methods where I buy, wait, and then sell when at a higher price.

So, any recommendations?



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