Can't even get gold 3 with laggy delay

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I don't have a good squad and use a possession game with Dutch players but I can't do nothing because of lag. It's like that horrible stuck in mud delay where you just can't turn.

Last night was the best night of Fifa ever I lost most games but it was so crisp one game I had 79 percent possession and plenty of chances.

Today is a different game why does this game make you like it then hate it Ffs I just want a consistent experience


  • Vivalafifa
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    Ya this sux every year the same
  • Recoba
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    Delay kills it
  • Baznotsobad76
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    Yeah I'm the same... My players literally would not sprint.. I figured it was just lag and sluggish gameplay until about 5 games in I did a bodyfeint backwards then R2 and suddenly my player shot off twice as fast as any of my players had moved in 5 matches...

    I stopped playing after that game but it seemed like I have to do a body faint in order to make the sprint work...
  • Martythedoc
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    I'm having my worst WL ever near 50/50. Thought it was me at first but then when players wouldn't tackle or turn realised it was the dreaded button lag
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