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In the day that €A decide to implement the crossbar challenge in this game, i will have no competition!!

Jesus Christ B)B)


  • hayhor1
    15078 posts World Class
    I'm great competition tho :D
  • Cheetah Thumbs
    5182 posts Big Money Move
    I have a few videos that say otherwise. A few games ago I hit the crossbar and or post 7 times in the second half.
  • BeardedBerk
    1807 posts Play-Off Hero
    Played someone afew games back who hammered the bar about 5/6 times in the 2nd half, felt sorry for him even though my ganeplay turned to utter shlt
  • PelzyWelzy
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    Hit the post/bar at least twice a game, without fail.

    Racked up seven in a half once in 17. Think four is my highest so far in 18 :joy:
  • Blinky
    463 posts Sunday League Hero
    I've hit the bar in the last week more than George Best managed in a lifetime.
  • Aspral
    3797 posts National Call-Up
    I'm not even exaggerating but I hit the post/crossbar 2-3 times EVERY single game.

    It's like a check off every game of when I'm going to hit it first.
  • Boysie91
    16489 posts World Class
    Agree and I even score of the wood work more often then ever
  • jhonps3
    1713 posts Fans' Favourite
    Like 10 k at every shoot on it, i would get Ronaldo every year
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