Just played that other football game

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I've never been a pes fan but omg that is the future I think anyone else tried it? And what do you think of it compared?

Always loved Fifa but they don't seem to be going in the right direction plus EA are terrible


  • Pieman25
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    No it really doesn’t appeal at all.
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    How many games did you play? It will be full of just as much BS as in this game ;)
  • pekkaa88
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    Pes has been trash the last 10 years.. Clearly you just lost in fifa and are just throwing your toys..
  • mojav
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    Well it's my mates game but it's so fun players trap the ball with purpose and the ball feels so much more real it's one of those you need to try.
  • Totally agree.

    The actual match gameplay in PES is largely much better. Doesn’t really bother me too much about the licences but the presentation and commentary do as that is bad. Also the length of time to get a game is poor aswell, especially when the pause menus allow for such a long time for players to fiddle with their teams.

    However, in terms of the actual gameplay it feels like what FIFA is aiming for, at least going by how they describe it each year in the run up to release. The build up play is way more considered. Defending is actually responsive.

    I really do like what they are trying to do with FIFA in terms of defending but it is definitely too slow in comparison with attacking. When attacking, as soon as you release a pass you are in control of the attacker it’s going to. Defending I find is just not as quick. When you combine that with occasional button delay, general server issues that lag the game you then can’t help but come away from a defeat feeling like you got undone by gaming mechanics rather than a better player. I’ve sent messages to people to say well played where I’ve been beaten and thought they played really well but it’s very rare.

    I’m glad I’ve also got PES for my football fix and will be on that more until I can see further patches come through to sort FIFA gameplay, but very close to calling it a day and trading it in while price is good.
  • adjansi
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    Pes 2018 is nice, but I can't stand the PES logo showing in the screen everytime the ball goes out.
  • sinasipahioglu7
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    pekkaa88 wrote: »
    Pes has been trash the last 10 years.. Clearly you just lost in fifa and are just throwing your toys..

    Got to rt this post

    We know fifa has many flows and full of bs but cmon pes is like an atari game in 2017 ffs
  • Metalfly
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    PES is amazing in terms of football simulation, I'm not sure why people seem to dismiss it but the gameplay is certain better. The ball physics and player movement are so much more realistic. It actually feels like a real game of football, first touch, anticipation and balance is much more important for PES than FIFA so you can't just dominate with pace.

    That being said, everything outside of the on pitch gameplay is still the same old thing, terrible commentary, drab music, clunky menus, ridiculous transfers in Master League means that the overall experience is nowhere near as good as FIFA.

    I look forward to play the game on PES, but on FIFA I enjoy the progress I'm making with each game. And there's simply no game modes on PES that is nearly as engaging as The Journey and FUT.
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