The real issue is match-ups

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If EA wanted less negative posts, the real issue is match-ups. If they would improve that many, no matter the level, would enjoy the game more. Us mid-table players just become fodder for the top- and it can't really be fun crushing lesser players. I certainly don't enjoy it my two games a season of pounding some low level sap- and in reverse getting crushed five games a season doesn't make the game enjoyable. I'd say I get about 3-4 competitive games a season. Win or lose those are the best. I know, I know... "git gud", and I'm working on it, but at each level you can only be as good as you are. Period.


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    Real issue is they need to revert the patch.
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    Are revert the patch responses like a new meme? Because they're not helpful and the repetitiveness is childish... But unlike memes they're not funny.
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