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So after 5years of not touching any fifa I decided to try out the demo and for my suprise it was really good, you still couldnt dominate ur opponent if you better since every game the system gives 50% chance to each side no matter what, BUT you could actually do something when attacking, the only thing that makes each player unique... I bought fifa18 and what can i say, first days were awesome, didnt like much the avg amount of goals but at least if you were really better than ur opponent you could manage to score at least +1 than him at the end of the match and things felt pure and honest... And again for my suprise a patch comes, where literally everything changes to me, im not even gonna point out which aspects because at this point I just feel frustrated for buying something which without my aknowledge would change a week later... I dont know what to call this, but from me one thing is sure gonna try to sell it and fifa died for good...

I hope PES would be smart and actually make a real football game like in the 07 08 etc but I highly doubt since that will bring them less money for whatever reason


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    This is how I feel as well. The game before the defense patch was a beauty, Now it feels like I play the FIFA 17 again with slightly different graphics. In fact before the patch even when I was losing a game felt good. Now it is just these auto defense nervous breaking stuff that does not make any sense. (Seasons pc). Thanx EA for saving me some time to play other games.

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