Anyone know ????? (Rare and Unrare cards)

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What makes a card rare ???... I always thought it was high rating that decided a rare from an unrare. But this years fifa had me bemuzed. Why a 79 rated Benat a rare card but an 84 rated Bruno un unrare card ?... Just curious.


  • Thamightyboro
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    From an interview a while back its to do with uniqueness

    Do they excel in a particular stat compared to similar level peers. Why the uber fast silvers are mostly rare why bruno bang average in everthe stat is a non rare at 84

    Are they a unique nationality to a league eg caciedo
  • Reade_A
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    Thanks bud. Makes sense. Just wanted know because i have a bad habit of only being able to have rare, shiny cards in my squads. Never use unrare cards because shiny is better on the eye. Weird.. i know but just a fifa habit of mine we all have them lol. Nice one for answering my question. You learn something new evryday haha
  • BrentStephen7
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    Thauvin/Kurzawa and Trippier Non Rare,does my head in man.
  • Reade_A
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    I know mate kurzawa in real world football this seasonprobz best LB in Europe at minute OTW special very soon... Just you watch. Heard it here first ;)
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