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To EA:

On one of my console's I cannot properly pause the game and go to the 'Squad' screen to properly apply substitutes. When I do attempt to switch a player it acts as if it is ignoring or not accepting the change. I then cannot back out of the screen by pressing 'B' (XBox One). An occasional fix, is to turn off the remote an then turn it back on, but that works only 2 out of 3 times. The only fix then is to 'Quit' the game in the Xbox home screen and start again.

This is affecting me in ALL FUT game modes (have not tried others). Some other fun symptoms, if a player gets injured and the match stops, I cannot make a sub (see above) AND the auto-suggest subs does NOT recommend the change, so you play a man down the rest of the match.

The only way it is possible for me to sub is to use the auto-sub which often recommends poor choices and with the amount of the game that can be played without going to a cut screen, there are only a few opportunities for it to get it right.

@EA_Andy @EA_Aidan @EA_Roulbox @EA_Lanna @EA_Leeloo

Please adivse of the status of a fix for this as it WILL BE WL impacting!
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