King Harry!

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I'll be honest, every FIFA I go with pacey strikers & get in behind and it has served me well. Did a draft yesterday & thought I'd switch it up. Went with a 4231(1), picked normal Harry Kane and set him as target man.


He's sensational. I thought he was off the market because of the impending SBC (may still be the case), but he's actually the best striker I've used on the game. Caused me to ditch my strikers & pretty much whole set up.

Kane is obviously not an option as the IF is too high for my liking atm so gone with Diego Costa & Have cheap Slimani for fitness team. They're not bad, but Kane is just crazy good. Way he backs in & rolls defenders, easy for him. Slimani can back in & hold ball up, but doesn't have sharp turning Kane has.

Anyone anymore tips for top rate target men?


  • Muzza87
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    Kane totw is beast for me would sell at 40k profit just now but holding on for sbc just incase he wins and ea want a totw one ;) lol doubt it as there not enough may just be normal very likely however played 30 games for me scored 46 set up 20 play him with sturridge who actually not bad and sig in behind :)
  • Danic123
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    I had Sig in behind on draft, the 82 rated one, bought the OTW version based on it !
  • Ryan10g
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    Ibra is life. all and the pace really isn't as issue. Seems way quicker then his card says.
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