Formation to try out?

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Inspire me pls
Thoughts on 4222?


  • Cheetah Thumbs
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  • MrChazy
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    - great passing options
    - CAMs sometimes drift wide but if you skill it shouldn't be a problem
    - CAMs make runs into the box similar to LF/RF in a 4321
    - 2 CDMs provide good defensive cover
    - CAMs drop back as CMs when you don't have the ball
  • blue9
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    Going to try 3 4 2 1
  • StiflersDad07
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    Heard a lot of People who think that 4411 is very good this year.

    If I am a Player who search The direct way in attacking, ist this a Formation for me?

    I currently using 41211 (2) but I‘m Not satisfied. Before this I tried 4321 but I am Not created many chances and offen Ended at The Opponents Defence.

    My Playstyle is defined by Pressing a lot and don‘t have many possession. I Want quick chances and move straight forward.

    Any Formation tips which fits my Playstyle?
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