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What is the deal with why players get away with so many tackles, very few fouls/direct kicks? I am not really referring to slide tackles and the infrequency of yellows although I find the officiating in Ultimate Team to be consistent with high level youth soccer around the world....mostly deplorable and inconsistent....or could compare the officiating to an Sub Saharan Africa ref who the real FIFA recently reprimanded and forced a replay of the WCQ African qualifier....or the inane lack of goal line technology that allowed Panama to score a no goal.....

I find that when I lose a game in Ultimate Team, I usually dominate possession but get completely out tackled....talking 16 tackles to 1, 24 tackles to 4.... and then when I hit "B" I get called for fouls.... I cannot tell you how many times I pass the ball to my striker and he's on the line as target man, use LT to shield, and then get whacked, turnover and fast break to the opponent. What am I not doing in games that others are, meaning, how do they get away with four to 6 times as many tackles, yet few calls.

Tackling is a part of the game, but I swear, the other people are not doing clean tackles.....I find this aspect of FIFA 17 and now FIFA 18 Ultimate team to be infuriating & soo unfair. It takes the joy of playing the game away...

Any advice? Saying, "learn how to tackle without fouling" is not really going to be all that helpful :#


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    When you find out please let me know.
  • richo27
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    Refs are very weak and lenient this year. You can foul all game.
  • Mr.Spireite
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    And here's me thinking they are better.
  • Currieman
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    I completely agree with this. The referees are terrible. Not just for me but my opponents as well.

    I've seen stonewall pens not given and then I've a player hit a shot and run into an opposing defender and get a pen. It's pretty poor.
  • Nathlee123
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    They’re always in the way! I have had them blocking passes so much this game. Or blocking off players.
    But the decisions are awful, I’ve had a man sent off for grappling before but not had red cards for last man slide tackles which have completely crushed an opponent player.
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