Best 4 star team in seasons?

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Hi guys. I wonder wich teams (max 4 stars) are good this year? Tired of playing Real Bayern Psg and Barcelona all the time. Thx in advance


  • boekkie
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  • Palmswood
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    Red Bull Leipzig (4*) is really good. Try it
  • StussyBebe
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    Zenit Saint Petersburg and Sptartak Moscow
  • boekkie
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    Palmswood wrote: »
    Red Bull Leipzig (4*) is really good. Try it

    Nice team to play with. Thanks
  • NellaSAFC92
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    Zenit are OP
  • DrF
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    Denmark is also OP
  • Orikoru
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    Torino should be good. Strong attack with Belotti, Niang, Falque. I think they're four star.
  • AFCA_P
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  • Colombia have amazing players for a 4 star team
  • PG13
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    Not 4 star but 3 and a half wolverhampton wanderers got pace and skill all throughout the team
  • I was right about Colombia they have now been upgraded to 4.5 stars
  • RB Leipzig is really a threat, very well balanced team with some great mixture between power and pace.

    I enjoy Chile aswell. Obviously the defense is probably a bit too weak for some and physically not strong enough, but as I play possessionplay a lot it isn't that bad. Aranguiz, Vidal are really dominating in midfield and Vargas/Sanchez are really decent in attack.

    Another good choice is Marseille IMO. Can't complain about anyone in this team. I lined up with Mandanda, Sakai, Abdennour, Rami, Amavi/Evra, Gustavo, Sanson, Thauvin, Payet, Germain and N'Jie and started a decent winning streak. Not really any weaknesses both in defense and in attack.
  • MaestroPirlo21
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    Is it easy to find a game using 4 star teams? I also don't like to have to play against Real Madrid every other game. I think 4 star teams level the field a bit more.
  • Never had any problems to find an opponent.
    The game and opposing teams are more varied for sure
  • MaestroPirlo21
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    I am starting to use 4 star teams exclusively now in order to have a better variety of match ups and a more balanced game.

    For my first game I decided to try Benfica and they seemed pretty solid and well balanced. I beat Mexico 1-nil.

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