Why do the keepers take forever to get up?

Michael LFC 96
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Lost count of how many times I've thrown the ball to the other team because the keeper looks like he's ready to move but then he takes a few seconds to ready himself and by the time he's ready the player I was going to throw it to has already gone :joy:

Proper momentum killer, is it frustrating anybody else or just me? :joy:


  • Th3 UK Smurf
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    Yeah I always see my wide man making the run but can't do anything
  • LeonidasJB
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  • Michael LFC 96
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    LeonidasJB wrote: »

    My Perin has made some great double saves and seems to get up very quick.

    No I mean like when they collect a cross and drop to the floor or even catching the ball in general. They seem to have a weird little animation that queues pass attempts until it's over rather than being able to cancel them or just pass the ball like normal!
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