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Why do players kick the ball backwards?

Super n00b and not much of a gamer but I'm trying to help my daughter advance through to get better players in her FUT. When playing in non-competitive mode (not FUT, just a team like Real Madrid) and you make a pass, the receiving player gets the ball, takes a moment to readjust control and speed then you can just go from there, nothing weird. With my FUT players, when you pass to them, they kick the ball backwards about 10 yards then chase it down, fumble around with it for a few seconds, and if the opponent hasn't stolen it in the process, then you can control it like normal. OK, these guys suck, high 50s low 60s so I understand that they are not all going to handle it like Messi, but this is kind of on the ridiculous end of the spectrum. So, to try and counter this, I try and do a through pass (kick from behind them up past them about 20-30 yards. The receiver runs as fast as he can, gets to the ball, then... kicks it behind himself about 15 yards...

So my question is this, there are a bunch of settings that you can change, auto cross, auto shot, that help the n00bs when they can't aim (like me) is there a setting that is different with your FUT players than with other modes that causes them to kick the ball backwards when receiving the ball?

(I can't be the first person to ask this, but I did a search and only found people complaining about the learning curve from 2015 to 2016 and it didn't address this per se, but, if this is "just the way things are" then that sucks. If there is a setting to change then cool, let me know)
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