Players you hate the most and why

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I probably ask this every year :D
In this years FIFA:

Bakayoko- hated Kante but I hate him even more. Intercepts a pass which is miles away like always. Its like Kante had a child with Serena Williams
Musa- Has like 22 strenght but can easily carry Sokratis on his back for 20y and scores while he is tripping over the ball. Nightmare
Shaw- Annoying as always, gets every header and outsprints and outmuscles everyone
Hart- This years Butland. Guy saves everything and can teleport
Taison- Guy scored 4 goals with him against me, all outside the box, unreal angles, not to mention he never losses the fuc*in ball
Brooks- dribbles like Messi and has laser guided passes across the whole field

Your favourites?


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