So what gives? Fifa 18/17

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Please put it back to where it was. With just the improved goalkeepers!

Defending is an art as they say. The game was rewarding in that you had to be as good at defending as you were attacking and everything in between.

I come and take a peek on here to see what people are a saying every now and then regards the game.

I had a game granted i lossed but i was near perfect in my performance. But the goals conceded i literally couldn't do more to prevent. Which means i was never going to win.

The slow paced game that was rewarding to defend and create openings. Without defenders now ice skating when you want them to hold there position. Me and my pals were so impressed at how good you originally made the game and was saying to each other when they patch the keepers the game will be the immense. But why the big backwards step.


  • Mivanpy10
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    Yeah the dodgy bounces and ping pong is back for sure. Such a shame that it's gone back to a basketball fest again. There is nothing wrong with a 0-0 scoreline.

    You should be rewarded for good defending not punished. By the magic of the ball being magnetised to the opposition after timing a perfectly good challenge. It's farcical!
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