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Icon 85 Laudrup

209 posts Sunday League Hero
Any reviews on him ??

As a dane i would luv to bring him into my side, at the moment im sitting on 500k is he worth he’s price tag or should i go for another icon ??


  • miri
    2770 posts Fans' Favourite
    I used the 87 and he was really good, the 85 with the right chem style has even better stats as a CAM so no doubt he'd be amazing. You can usually buy icons at a price which means you won't lose money selling them back. For example I bought my 89 Laudrup on bids for 405k or so and sold him back on for 450k or so (forget exact figures). They tend to be cheapest in the mornings and, of course, when there's pack offers or when rewards drop.
  • djrexdk
    209 posts Sunday League Hero
    Looking forward 2 try him 2 day, got one on open bid 407k hope i’ll have Fun with him :)
  • ha032742
    36359 posts Moderator
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