Sat on 350k, team or invest?

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What do you reckon? Personally not sure what to invest in so some advice would be nice!


  • BatmansAGeordie
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    Try invest in players you can use in a team, that way you get the best of both worlds.
  • Keano
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    Depends on long term or short term investing.

    OTW's, If trading guide thread can help you as well. Also the simple buy players sunday & sell thursday for the WL price rise etc.

    make sure you have ateam capable of playing so you enjoy playing though else there's no point waiting ages to get your profit etc.
  • fluffymnuffy
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    You can do both, for example I have IF Brozovic and OTW Aurier in my team as investments... use untradeables if you have any, I've gotten Son, Vardy and Lallana from upgrade packs
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