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Hi i contacted EA help and had a chat with the advisors, they couldnt solve my issue and i have com here for help on their advice...

My PSN ID koolsubz

my issue - I am in div 1 single player mode and played the Ultimate league thrice. wont it once and held the division twice , finished with 15-17 points twice. I got the premium gold pack for winning all matches but received nothing for being in the division and not getting relegated. i.,e 6200 coins if u stayed in div1 without winning it.

I contacted EA help and they told me to troubleshoot


1. In the main menu XMB, using the controller scroll right to the Settings.
2. Select the option for PlayStation™Network/Account Management.
3. Choose Restore Licenses.??
4. Select Restore.
5. Restart your console


1. From the main menu of your PS4 profile, navigate to Settings
2. Scroll down to either “Applications Save Data Management” or “System Storage Management”
3. Select “Save Data in System Storage”
4. Select “Delete”
5. Select either the game in question (for example: NHL 16) or you may have to select “Other”
6. Delete the game (ex: NHL 16), Profile Save Data

AFollowed the instructions i restored the licenses and deleted the saved data files.

I started playing the div1 again and got 15 points with one loss and held the division once again and i dint get my 6200 coins. A total of 18600 coins lost and i dont have a single clue whats happening. And the EAhelp advisors are clueless and refused to award me my coins. Please help how do i get my coins back.

UPDATE: Can confirm this applies to all the leagues in div1 single player FUT coins for holding the division. win it and get the pack,get 15 points u loose it all.
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