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Investing 500k, where would you put it?

387 posts Sunday League Hero
First year on PC, so unsure as to how the market progresses & need ideas on where to invest my spare coins.

Currently already have a team I can stick with that doesn't need upgrading for the foreseeable future, the only two viable upgrades aren't worth the coins in my opinion.


Was wanting to get Okacha for 550k but he jumped 200k over the last couple days so then was gonna grab a couple OTW Salah's but his price doubled after his Egypt match yesterday. So now stuck on where to go, I'm thinking grab some OTW cards simply as investement and keep fresh but do I grab a few of the same player or spread the love?

What would you folk do?


  • DizzeeSpellz
    287 posts Sunday League Hero
    I wouldn't invest in otw cards, they take so long to rise, last year I had Mane for months even after two upgrades he was still 120k lol. Just my opinion anyway

    I don't know what to invest in, just trying to buy informs that aren't in the futchamps rewards, what totw is in the futchamps rewards? this weeks totw?
  • Epik
    163 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    The first TOTW will likely rise since they're out of packs. Especially the ones who are unlikely to get another IF soon.
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