Which squad to buy?

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Which squad do you think will be better ?

Option 1) Screenshot_20171009-122754.png

Option 2) Screenshot_20171009-122801.png

Option 3) Screenshot_20171009-122816.png


  • JorisDB
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    Number 1 with Piszcek as RB would be my favourite, I've got Lewa and he's currently on 18 games played 32 goals, he scores every shot, haven't played Auba but no doubt he is insane as well. Midfield is decent, Vidal very good, haven't played with the other 2 but should be allright, nothing too fancy. Defence is also insane (except your RB, or did I miss some hidden gem?) Boateng, Alaba and Sokratis are truly amazing.

    Number 2 with a decent goalie (Handanovic is cheap and OK, Buffon a bit more expensive and good) would also be nice, mainly because that midfield is killer, but I would buy a decent goalie and Alex Sandro.

    Number 3 your midfield isn't very creative, even though Alli is allright, Baka and Matuidi can't do **** but defend (and they're very good at that, so if that's what you're going for then that's allright). Attack should be killer too, but again the goalie will be a problem and I personally didn't like Koscielny very much when I played him in my BPL team.

    So for me the number 1 option would be the German team with Piszcek at RB (And perhaps Leno on goal?)
  • Lokoplovdiv
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    JorisDB Thank you ! Very helpful.
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