Mkhitaryan or Willian at RF and Is Hazard worth 350k ?

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Hey quick question should I play Mkhitaryan or Willian at RF , I am running Ibra at striker in a 4-3-2-1 and Is Hazard worth 350k I debating getting him to run up top at LF , please provide any and all advice, I have about 700k in coin but would prefer not to spend too much as I am using it to invest and build up coin.


  • D i n k xD
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    Used both Mkhi and Willian, Mkhi was massively underwhelming and Willian is outstanding. Purely based on my experience ofc, other people may have had joy with Mkhi though. I found him great coming off the bench at LW tbh
  • Hujaber
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    Martial bro
  • Rickch
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    Willian is a solid player top right. Only criticism would be that at times I've felt his 4* WF felt like a 3*...

    ...could have easily been my sheer lack of ability though :smiley:
  • Disgruntledmole
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    Willian's fantastic, got both untradable but only use him.
    Hazard is probably my favourite player so far this year
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I got willian from the gold upgrade. I was using salah up to that point. Instantly sold salah and havnt looked back, willian is great.
  • Davey Sprockett
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    Hazard was a big disappointment for me.

    Had more fun with Deulofeu, tried Hazard at RM/RW/RF and he did nothing at all. I was so happy I had him, as the loan Hazard was amazing.
  • Multif4ce
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    Willian and Martial or Son would be the best options in my opinion.

    Hazard seems to disappear way too often despite being great on the ball.
  • MrGrandCru
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    Thanks everyone for advice, think Im gonna keep willian still debating on LF though , Alexis Sanchez stats look good too
  • Tof33z
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    Willian has been great for me, really fun card.

    22 goals in 30 games and that's LM mostly, a few games out of that at RF
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