Fifa18 Pro Clubs Post Match Progress Bars Not Saving

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I've had my strength bar repeat 69 to 70 over 50 times already. Progress is not saving and the credit earned is not carrying over. Please patch asap, no point in playing if my pro isn't improving.


  • I SiR MartY I
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    It does that, check the % of the strength stat in the growth section and see if its going up.

    Height/weight/position will determine what the stat is, so it might have peaked.
  • PwnApe
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    I change the height weight position and skill points, play matches and the credit is not saving. People in my club can make their pro identical to mine and I have a higher overall but they have higher individual skill bars because my skill bars are not saving progress. WHERE IS EA? HELP PLEASE
  • Rdb
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    As i wrote in other thread...I suddenly got progress after playing 50 games and being stuck with the same progress on the Big circle.... It was only one game. After that nothing.
    Im wondering if it just takes a long time..

    Im 89.
  • PwnApe
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    Im a 90 with 350 matches
  • 396 matches im a 91 and i have same problem with strength i cud weigh 400 pounds and ill get shoved off the ball easily. My jumping also, my heading, marking, tackling... virtually most of it
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