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In my opinion.....when you say: gk s are bad or long shoots are to OP or ping pong passing bla bla, then you have a problem, you jockey to much, you wait to much before you tackle, you wait to much for a mistake from your opponent..

don t let your opponent to take so many long shoots,protect your GK , try to go after the ball and not wait for the AI to help you in critical moments,You have to make the decisions.

of course i will play tiki taka if you let me,of course the Gk's are trash if you are not defending, it is simple as that

attack the ball, take the ball not jockey or contain for 90 min, how many penalties where in fifa 17 WL or extratime?

the pre patch version was just fine because i won or lost fully deserved

of course we will have a high score line at the begining, until the people will learn to defend, but what a good game will be when you will defend for yourself but only then we will see who is the best and not waiting for BUTLAND to save us....

:smile: don't be mad :smile:


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