Career Mode: Rotherham #1 - A New Beginning

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The Millers seem to be surrounded in triumph and failure, after being relegated to the lowest end of the football league Chairman Tony Stewart decides the only way to bring in a new stable future is to start from scratch, Paul Warne has resigned and the players original team have moved onto pastures new. He calls ex Sheffield United and Leeds Striker Brian Deane and discusses his plans to rebuild Rotherham into a new force. Deano takes the job and calls on some legends of the lower leagues in Kevin Pilkington to be the Goalie coach and Gareth Ainsworth to help with Training sessions and improving the Youth Squad.

For those who think the Legendary difficulty is too easy? Try playing under the following restrictions.
Game Speed Normal, Legendary Difficulty. with Adjusted Sliders!

All original players have been sold. The Squad is now consisted of players below 22 yo and an Overall of 55 or below. This means the Rotherham Starting team is actually equal to Bohemian or one of the worst sides in the game. How will Deano get the squad ready and will he be able to rebuild using only Generated Youth Academy players?

Scouting can only be done using 3* level scouts until we reach the Championship, Scouts can only search the home countries for Academy players until we reach the championship!
In Episode 1 I've started the series and explained the rules. Go give it a watch and let me know if you've done something similar!


  • ArladArlad
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    Episode #2 is out guys! Lets smash the like button.
    Career Mode with Legend Brian Deane! we're starting the Invitational Cup from Pre-Season, how did we get on?

    thanks in advance for watching.
  • ArladArlad
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    Brian Deane does he have the midas touch? As the Millers embark on the close of the Invitational Cup a tournament win could see some substantial funding to help rebuild the squad.

    New Episode Is published guys! I am trying my best to release content every 2-3 days, and i'm 15 subscribers away from 100, YouTube does give you some extra features at 100 subs so check out my content and if you like what you see give it a thumbs up.
  • ArladArlad
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    We've arrived at the start of the season for the Millers, Deano managed to claim some necessary funding and the Scouts have come back with our first Academy Players. Brian Deane leads Rotherham into their opening clash against the Mighty Pompey! Lets find out how we do!

    If you love Youth Academy Series on FIFA please consider watching and letting me know what i could do to improve. I've totally restricted my ability to find players as well as adjusted the sliders so that it is harder to play. If you love realistic Academy Series please subscribe. :-) ~Arlad
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